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Year-End Giving for your Nonprofit

Year-end giving is crucial to the success of nonprofits all over the world; there is even a ‘holiday’ specifically for people to donate to nonprofits- Giving Tuesday. This special Tuesday after Thanksgiving is a single day set aside each year when people around the world ask, “How can I help?” Nonprofits do a huge push on this day and in the month of December. Why? Thirty percent of all annual charitable giving takes place in December. The holidays make people feel the need to be connected to something positive, feel more generous, and/or want a tax deduction. No matter the reason they are wanting to give, here are ten tips for your nonprofit to double its impact on your year-end giving campaign.

  • Review your previous year’s end-of-year campaign: Was it successful? How much money was raised? What strategies did your supporters respond to? What didn’t work?

  • Plan your fundraising strategy: What is the best way to connect to your supporters? How do your donors like to give?

  • Create a timeline: Most year-end giving takes place in the last few days of the year. Make sure you have a timeline (with scheduled emails and social media posts) to follow so you don’t lose momentum once Christmas arrives.

  • Make contact before December: Stay in touch with your mailing list and social media followers all year long. It is important for them to know what you are doing before December arrives when you are asking them for money.

  • Storytelling changes the world: Catch your donor’s attention with a great story about what their money will change or how it will help.

  • Remain donor centered: Your donors are the key to your success- make sure they know they are making the world a better place.

  • Write year-end appeals: Send emails, letters, postcards, social media, telegrams…. However you think your supporters will read it, send it!

  • Matching gifts: Facebook and many other foundations/corporations offer matching donations on Giving Tuesday.

  • Give your donors a variety of ways they can donate: online, snail mail, in person, text to give, peer to peer fundraising, mobile giving, and even corporate giving.

  • Follow up: Send thank you emails/notes/letters to your donors immediately so they feel appreciated.

Giving is a key to success, fulfillment, and prosperity. Ensure your supporters have the opportunity to feel successful, fulfilled, and prosperous by giving to your end-of-year campaign.

Do you need help with your end-of-year campaign? Contact Santa Cruz Grants & Consulting today for help!

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